Monday, April 28, 2008

McMullen Gallery Artists' Reception

Donna Clement and my artists' reception at the McMullen Gallery on April 24th was most successful. We received lots of positive comments about our work. I feel so good about having work in this particular gallery. It is a special place run by very positive people. It is a refuge from the stress and activity going on in the rest of the hospital. They have a programme called Art on the Ward where patients can request visual and performing artists to visit them at their bedside. While we were conducting a workshop a student came in with a guitar on his back and asked where he should go. A patient had requested to listen to some guitar music and the student was on his way to play for him. A poet stopped by to organise his papers before going onto a ward to read to a patient. People came to the gallery just to sit and look, including staff in their lunch hour. It is a peaceful place.
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