Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Banff March 11

Yikes it is cold here. A couple of nights ago I was walking from our studio in the woods down the mountain to the dye studio. My forehead started to ache & my thumb started to freeze again. I realised it was really cold so I started to jog to get there faster but the moisture in my lungs started to freeze which made me cough. Anyway, I made it. The next morning I found out it had been minus 40.
We have finished our 1st week in the dye and print studios. Now I spend mornings in my room working on my BA(Hons) Embroidered Textiles studies. I had a phone tutorial with my tutor in England but had to call her 3 times before I got the time right. Daylight Saving is very confusing when calling internationally. I have to go through the logic again at the end of the month when the UK changes.

I spend the afternoons and evenings in the studio in the woods. This is my current work -inspiration, sampling & paper mock up which you can't see very well. It will be all hand stitched.

On the way to the dye studio I had to walk out onto the road to give a herd of wild deer space as they grazed in front of the indoor swimming pool. Last night when I was in the foyer of our accommodation building, I saw a vole. I propped open the door so it could run out but it ran straight past the door, which I would have done too because it was so cold out. Then I rounded him up, he shot out the door and straight into my bag the door had pushed over. A few shakes of my bag sent him off into the trees.
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