Sunday, May 17, 2009

BA (Hons) Embroidered Textiles & 'Friends' Shawl

I've been very busy this past week working at finishing off this semester's module for my BA(Hons) studies. This semester I did Professional Practice, a practical module that sets me up to run the business side of my art practice so I will hit the ground running straight after I graduate.
This year there has been a change in the school that runs the programme. Julia and Alex Caprara set the school up and ran it as co-principals - Opus School of Stitched Textiles. After Julia died last year, Alex decided to close the school. That's when Winy Smit-Vuijk and Sandra Flower picked up the BA(Hons) part and formed the Julia Caprara School of Textile Arts. Thanks to them our studies weren't interrupted.

I found this lovely woven shawl in a thrift store. I Googled the words on the label but haven't been able to find out anything about the company.

If you recognise this label or know anything about the company, could you please contact me,

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