Monday, October 25, 2010

Power Washing

We pulled up all of the dusty floor tiles.

When classes had finished for the day, Ron brought his power washer to the school and cleaned tiles until it was too dark to see.
Next day, Saturday, we went back in the morning to finish cleaning the rest.
We stacked them against the building while they dried. It was a wild, windy day and threatening to rain any moment. When a tile was getting dry it was obviously lighter and the wind would pick it up and send it spinning across the playground (there is an elementary school nextdoor). my job was to lay out the tiles, turn them over so the other side could be washed, put the washed ones in the sun to dry and chase the ones flying around the yard.

The main room...

...and vestibule ready to be power washed.
Then Ron moved inside and power washed all the ceilings, walls and floors.
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