Thursday, November 4, 2010

Setting up Textile Studio

Yesterday morning i shopped for supplies for the new textile arts studio at Victoria College of Art.
In the afternoon I finished off painting the edge of the floor.
Ron and Barb McCaffrey turned up and took charge of laying down the floor tiles.
This is Barb looking mischievous. She has a plan.

When Barb arrived and saw the damaged grey side of the tiles laid out she was disappointed the room didn't look as new as it should. So she and Ron pulled them all up again and stacked them according to colour. Barb eliminated the pink tiles and with Ron worked out a pattern to use the remaining 3 colours.

When i returned from a meeting, i found this. It looks great. Just the effect i wanted - stimulating and not like any one's living room. Thank you Barb and Ron.

While we have been cleaning and painting, George, the Victoria College of Art illustration/animation instructor, has been upstairs above us painting a mural on his computer studio wall.
Here it is complete, another inspirational studio in the college.
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