Monday, February 21, 2011

Driving in Maui

Driving in Maui is an adventure. Many of the roads follow the King's Pathway - a pre-European-contact foot path that circumnavigated the island with trails off it leading up to important sites. As a result, the narrow paved roads follow the line of least resistance rather than being engineered for safe vehicular travel.
However, there are lots and lots of helpful road signs, that even the cattle obey.

Traffic coming the other way is instructed to sound their horns as they come around this tight corner.
Those nets really do work.

We got caught in a downpour and the road became a river. We had heard stories of flash floods and cars being washed down into valleys and out to sea and we could see how that could happen.

After the down pour of rain we appreciated what 'Dip' could transform into - a river across the road!
There are lots of one lane bridges, narrow sections of road and no shoulders. When 2 cars are approaching 1 pulls over if possible to let the other pass. Where there is no space to pull off the road a little, 1 car backs up to the next scrap of a pull out.
People who love driving find this all very exciting. Nervous passengers are a wreck at the end of the trip.
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