Thursday, September 29, 2011

Forest Restoration Project Report

Our big project is to restore the wedge of  Douglas-fir forest on our property. The 1st phase involves removing the invasive plant species preventing native plants from growing. While my sister was staying with us, she put in many long days working at removing these invasive plants. The area she focused on was the shady bog area below the pond where the outlet stream meanders.
This is the view looking further down this stream from where we planted the ferns (previous post). All invasives have been removed but there is likely to be regrowth of them.

This is the view further down the stream. Before Donnel came, it was a 10 foot wall of Himalayan blackberry, some holly and a little English ivy - all invasive species in this ecosystem.

Once the blackberry was removed there was very little vegetation left. Now with the light reaching the ground, the nurse logs and snags can do their job supporting new growth.

It looks like a bomb went off and the blast killed all the vegetation.
I will be watching the area closely to find signs of new growth and to remove regrowth of  the invasive plants.
Thanks Donnel for doing battle with blackberry for all those hours and for sharing your wisdom so freely. 
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