Tuesday, September 27, 2011


While my sister was staying with us, we cleared the steep banks along a little stream of all invasive plants - mainly blackberry. We then bought 7 different varieties of ferns. Donnel wasn't able to plant them before she left but she did leave me detailed instructions on how they needed to be planted.

On Sunday Ron and i got them all planted - 19 of them. Ron dug the holes and i did the planting.

As per directions, i made little collars of decaying weeds and put them around each fern for protection from frost and to retain moisture in the soil. Then i added a knit cloth (Donnel's suggestion to hold the bank and to add more compost as the cotton and linen decayed. It was a hand knit tube found by friend Carol in a thrift store. 

While stones held the cloth in place, i cut holes for the ferns to poke through. Now these 4 ferns are wearing a shared sweater/jumper/jersey. I am sure they are most comfortable in their new home.
Oh, and it started to rain just after we had finished planting - perfect timing.
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