Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fungi and Mushroom Dyeing

For a while I have been thinking about dyeing with fungi and lichens.
 When the fairy rings appeared in the lawn I took it as a sign.

Fairy Ring Mushroom (Marasmius oreacles)
My mushroom book says they are edible but doesn't mention anything about their dye potential.

I scraped a variety of lichens off the old alder trees.

Dead branches from the Big Leaf Maple host colonies of lichens that I added to my collection.

I also have a bag of windfall lichens, mosses and fungi collected on my morning walks.
Now, how do I go about dyeing with them?
Next step is to do some Internet research.


Margaret said...

I look forward to what you discover, Leslie. We have fairy rings here but too dry for much in the way of lichen. If you do the 'shrooms separately, I'd be up for a "DAL" (dye-along)...if/when they show up here which would be some time between June and August...assuming rain and warmth...

Lesley Turner said...

I'll let you know if anything comes from the fairy ring mushrooms. Do you get other types of mushrooms as well?

ReBecca P said...

Looking forward to seeing the results as I too have a collection of dye stuff and wool blankets to work with just need to find the time.