Thursday, March 26, 2015

Studio Construction: Framing Begins

A delivery of framing material... offloaded.

The framing begins.
A milestone day.

Backfilling around the foundation walls.

The front pile of dirt came from the site excavation.
The back pile is the top soil that was lifted off first and kept separate. It will be used to make raised garden beds in front of the studio.

I have been given a job - moving all of these decorative river stones if I don't want them covered during the digging of trenches for the service pipes going from the house to the studio.
I have plans for these stones in the big Back Yard Project so I am keen for them to not be covered with dirt. Over the next few weeks, with a friend helping, we moved all of these stones, and there are more behind, to piles, out of the way.
I heard it said this job was 'grunt work.'

So it was mainly framing and backfilling this week.

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