Saturday, April 25, 2015

Studio Construction: Cladding

The largest wall is covered and taped.

It is a wrap.
The walls are now air tight and water proof.

Carpenter Dave is attaching cement board, Hardiepanel, to the area of the wall that will be backfilled with soil. It will protect the wall from damage.
Meanwhile, Cladding Dave is measuring, cutting and shaping metal trim to go around all of the penetrations in the walls: windows, doors, lights...

Hardieplank is a fibre cement product known for being durable, strong and versatile.
Dave ordered natural colour panels then painted them to match the colour of the cladding. He used an electric saw to cut the panels then screwed them in place. The one disadvantage I saw is they are very heavy and larger pieces require 2 or more people to get them in place.

There are 2 layers of metal trim around all openings. It takes a lot of time and skill to make this trim look so good.

Alex, the owner of Nortek Exteriors, attaches more protective panels while Dave is on the porch roof adding metal trim to the top of the wall up under the roof overhang.

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