Thursday, May 14, 2015

Studio Construction: Porch Floor

I was quietly working away at my desk when I heard a large truck arrive.

It delivered a load of concrete onto the porch area.

Citywide Concrete Company got the job to make the porch floor.

Lines were cut in the smooth, wet concrete to absorb the stress that otherwise would cause cracks.

The Finish: After waiting until the applied retardant had set to just the right amount the surface of the concrete was gently washed... expose the top layer of aggregate.

Once the concrete has dried and cured over a few days Ron will brush off the white residue then apply a sealer to stop it absorbing whatever I might spill on it.
And there it is - the porch floor. It won't require any maintenance other than sweeping and a spring wash. It won't rot or decay as a wooden deck would. It is sloped a few degrees away from the wall so spilt water and driving winter rains will drain away to the garden bed that will be built in front of it. 

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