Friday, January 15, 2016

Backyard Project: Transplanting, Building, Shovelling, Back-filling, Capturing

Some of the transplanted plants we wanted moved to other garden beds around the house to fill in gaps.

Tom scooped them up one at a time and put them in our little tractor trailer.
Ron and I planted each plant in a pre-planned flagged spot. 
We had to work fast to keep up with Tom.

While waiting for us, Tom built a small rock edge between Gunilla's garden and the track.

Tom had dropped a pile of soil as far back beside the studio as he could reach.
It made Ron's job a lot easier.

Ron is back-filling over the studio's gravel-covered perimeter drain. 
It took many wheelbarrows of soil but I see he is still smiling.

At the same time, I was supposed to be in my studio working. With all of that activity going on outside the window I didn't work very well. I constantly went outside with camera in hand to see what was going on. It was all so exciting and I couldn't believe how quickly tasks were being done.

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