Thursday, February 4, 2016

Backyard Project: Hugelkultur Bed Construction

Here is Tom making soil to place in the garden beds. With the bucket, he scoops and fluffs up a mix of top soil planted with a green manure crop, compost, crushed rotten logs and shredded prunings.

Making Hugelkultur Beds
The Huglekultur Bed gardening concept was developed in the Austrian mountains by Sepp Holtzer.
This is how Tom makes them.
First he scrapes out a trough within the shape I have marked out with wool (see the centre bottom in above image). Then he fills the trough with logs (see the top in image above).

He covers the log pile with the growing medium he has mixed up.

Then he adds more logs on top.

He covers the logs with the soil mix and shapes it to the outline I laid out. 
Finally, he gently pats the soil in place with the excavator bucket so the raised bed holds its shape.
Tom made 3 Huglekultur beds this afternoon and in so doing transformed this area of the back yard.

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