Friday, April 15, 2016

Studio: Pattern Language # 145 Bulk Storage

Pattern Language #145 Bulk Storage
Problem - 'In houses and workplaces there is always some need for bulk storage space; ...- all those things which you are not ready to throw away, and yet not using everyday.'
Marie Kondo would agree this problem needs a solution but those who work with cloth have a much greater need for lots of bulk storage area.
The architect took advantage of the sloping ground and with only a little more excavation we have a 'crawlspace' under the studio. Our municipality does not allow a full height room in an outbuilding but 6' 2" is still a comfortable height to move around freely in.
Coming in through the side door to the left is my natural dye storage station. That is Japanese indigo hanging to dry and walnut dye in the jars, both studio warming gifts from thoughtful friends. The plastic containers are 2 different types of rust buckets.

To the right of the opening is storage room for leftover building materials for repairs and other uses. I am also drying 7-foot tall teasel stems here.

Further along this side is where I placed all sorts of hanging devices and the longest packing materials.

One day I found this boat stored in an empty spot! I was assured it was the perfect spot for it over the winter. It can stay as long as I don't need that space

Straight ahead is where I store completed artworks in their shipping materials. Most of my finished work I prefer to hang in the house because it fares better there.

Into a small alcove is a stack of packaging and shipping materials...

...and to the left my Etsy packaging and shipping supplies, pillow forms and pillow covers.

 In the centre of the alcove are 2 small raised tables where I package works for shipping.

We finished the crawlspace with a polished concrete floor and low-grade plywood on the walls, both hard wearing, low maintenance, low-cost finishes and utilitarian in style. It is completely moisture-proof and there is a small wall heater on a thermostat to keep the room above freezing in winter. It works out about 50% of the whole building area is flexible bulk storage space.

Pattern Language # 145 Bulk Storage Solution
'Do not leave bulk storage til last or forget it. Include a volume for bulk storage in the building - its floor area at least 15 to 20 percent of the whole building area - not less. Place this storage somewhere in the building where it costs less than other rooms - because, of course, it doesn't need a finish.'


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