Thursday, January 26, 2017

Backyard Project: 19 Footings Poured on a Very Wet Day

A Big Day. 
The pumper truck arrived on site followed by the cement truck.

The cement hose is taken from the pumper truck to the farthest footing. 
Note how carefully the men have placed the hose around the Gravel Bed garden. That would be Josh's doing. Early on in the job, I explained to him I didn't want anyone to walk on or across the Gravel Bed garden. I don't want the plants to be walked on and I want to keep the specially chosen, washed, white and grey rocks to stay clean. Josh has been vigilant ever since to keep everyone out of the bed, which I really appreciate.

Josh is setting up the Shop-Vac to pump out the water accumulating in the footing areas. It is such wet day some of the holes are filling up with water. The hole needs to be kept fairly dry for the concrete to completely fill the spaces and set hard.

Concrete pours out of the tube and is directed in and around the formwork.

It takes 3 strong people to control the heavy, wriggling tube.
The guy with the camo jacket has a remote controller in his right hand that is remotely connected to the pumper truck. He is controlling the flow of the cement.

The whole site is muddy, slippery and uneven and the rain is pouring down; all making for challenging work conditions. However, the pour is accomplished relatively quickly because everyone knows what they are supposed to be doing.
Now to wait for the concrete to set and cure.

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