Monday, March 27, 2017

Backyard Project: 2 Structures Starting to Look Real

Structure #1 The Shed Area. Foundation/Retaining Wall on north side
Just before we went away for Christmas the Shed site had been blasted, dug out and levelled off. Footings had been framed up, poured, framework removed, then covered up with backfill. Foundation walls had been framed up, poured then the framework removed. Gravel was spread over the area to smooth the ground and to provide an even work surface. The gravel hid a lot of the hard work that had been done.

The first wall frames were a welcome sight.

Looking south into the back of the power tool shed.

Structure #2 Propagation Room
This indoor-outdoor room supports a roof easily accessed from the upper level of the house. I walk from my office/library through this transition room outside and along the path to my studio.
The lower propagation table frame is in place.

Electricians came and installed wiring for lights.
It is time to make yet another decision - what sort of light fixtures? 
Grow lights in a propagation room?

Outside the deer fence looking in at the Propagation Room.
The wall of punched steel will allow air to flow freely around the plants.

View from the Propagation room out to my studio.
There is still a lot of work to do but it feels as though things are starting to come together.

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