Monday, June 26, 2017

Backyard Project: Many tasks going on at the same time this week

Project Area: Windows installed by Josh.

Different work crews worked in different areas around the Backyard Project job site this week with Josh coordinating them all.

Sheds: The shed doors were delivered and put inside their respective sheds. 

Irrigation and House Siding: Josh and Mike consult on where the irrigation pipe will go along the side of the house so it fits in with the tidy up of the siding Josh is planning to do on the recently exposed foundation wall.

Propagation Room: Now the paving crew has left Josh has reinstalled the propagation table.

Irrigation: Mike does a test and makes adjustments to all of the sprinkler heads and sets up all of the different zone programs.

Shed Cladding: A flatbed truck arrives with the shed cladding material, corrugated steel sheets, the same as the cladding on the studio.

Unloading the Steel Sheets: The operator uses a remote controller to offload the heavy pack of steel sheets from the truck to a location as close as possible to where they are needed.

Steel Sheets on Lower Patio: It takes 4 people to get the steel sheet package in position on the lower patio. Each sheet has to be carried up 9 steps and along the upper patio to the sheds but it is the closest flat location strong enough to support the weight. I hope the new paving is up to it.

Shed Doors: Josh installed the doors

Propagation room: Josh reinstalled the upper shelf.

Propagation Room: Josh installed the waterproof layer on the propagation table.

Josh did a great job coordinating all of the different tasks going on on the job site this week.

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