Monday, August 28, 2017

Backyard Project: Completing the Last Few Tasks

Josh helps Dave adjust his mask before they get down to a stinky job.

Josh is ready

They apply a glue to the underside of the propagation table lining.

Meanwhile, Josh has hung the upper shelving unit in the Potting area...

...and he has hung the shelving unit in the Project area.

He is now working on the countertops.

The first one is in place.

Last year I planted a range of plants in the Gravel Bed garden as a trial to see which ones thrived in the sunny dry conditions with minimal watering. I had a few deaths (Corsican mint) but the majority are loving the conditions. The Wooly thyme has already grown together to make the first part of the path through the bed.

I had used empty pots to mark out where to put plants for the rest of the path.

Now it was time to plant more of the path. I have picked up ground-cover plants that can take being walked on, whenever I see them for sale. The garden bed is going to look spotty for another year so I just have to be patient.

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