Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Backyard Project: Work Continues on the Pathways

How to move gravel efficiently. 
Josh, in the Bobcat, Dave and Taylor, behind the wheelbarrows, have come up with an efficient way to move a lot of gravel.

Josh loads up the bucket with gravel while Dave and Taylor line up their wheelbarrows. Josh then empties the bucket into both wheelbarrows at once. 
The Arbour is large enough for Josh to get the Bobcat into where the gravel is needed next.

Another mid-sized pathway is covered with gravel.

Josh has levelled out the soil and rocks on the pathway up to the Garden Sheds, cutting and filling as needed.

Dave marks on the rock the depth of gravel needed.

Excess loose stones and rocks are placed on the west side of the path to build a random rock edge.

The lawn tractor has to be able to get up this path so I used the longest path-guide stick to mark out its boundaries. While keeping out of the way of others I made an edge of interlocked rock to contain the gravel and define the garden edge. This edge of larger placed rocks contrasts with the small random rock wall on the other side of the path.

The placing of the gravel gets easier as the crew work closer to where the gravel was dumped.

The Bobcat can reach up to the Garden Sheds to drop loads for the flat work area.

In the meantime, Sammy has made the first delivery of local slate he sourced from a quarry in Sooke. 

It is called Renfrew slate and has lots of greys and browns in it. Perfect.

They have started laying the slate on the bridge to the Pergola.
The changes seem to happen so quickly this week.

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