Thursday, November 13, 2008

Progress with Stitching

I am adding on the 2nd layer to this Tyndall stone work by weaving in a variety of thick yarns & tapes. I want to show fossil/organic shapes that are preserved in the stone as record of the physical past -the 'stitched in stone' idea.
I also want to record the social history of Winnipeg, when people arrived and stayed while they 'outfitted' before continuing their journey west to their new homesteads. I am including materials that are reminders of what these homesteaders may have taken with them. I have woven in torn strips of bedsheets, felted wool yarns to suggest woollen blankets, women's head scarves, also Indonesian batik & Indian cotton to reference the different cultures that made up the population of the city.
With these 2 ideas going through my head as I work I haven't come up with a title yet that pulls them both together.
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