Thursday, January 15, 2009

Return to Earth

I have returned to earth now that I have completed an essay for the Opus BA module I am doing this semester. What a journey. I learnt lots while working out how artists transform used and sometimes dirty garments into art.
This is an image of Maria Ezcurra's work. She has unpicked a woman's swim suit and tacked it to the wall. She says she releases women from labels which are restrictions society puts on her. She has changed something 3D into 2D abstract art.
The problem is, I can see the male gaze focusing on the woman as a trophy, turning her into an object just the same way westerners have mounted and displayed kills from a hunt.
I think these works of Maria's could have their meaning turned around to do reinforce what she was intending to change.
It was her other work I wrote about in the essay because it is exciting stuff.
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