Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Banff March 3

There was great excitement today. While we were in the Glyde Building having our WHMIS orientation (safety training) so we could use the 2 studios we had booked, we noticed the small gallery, Other Gallery, was empty! We asked Wendy & Mikhail (above), our trainers, who was responsible for the space. They took us to meet Ed Bamiling and within a few minutes we had booked the space from that afternoon until 8th.

Over lunch we discussed the hanging, then we collected up the finished work we had brought with us and took it to the gallery.

We laid our work around the perimeter of the L-shaped gallery.

Ingrid & Gloria eyeball a work to make it level.
Within 3 hours we had filled that space. We are calling the exhibition "No More White Walls".
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