Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Classic Boat Show

Over the weekend, I had a most enjoyable time at the Classic Boat Show in Victoria. It was a bit hazardous because I was wearing shoes with a kitten heel that kept getting caught in the gaps between the boards on the docks (dumb choice of footwear) plus I had my camera in front of my face most of the time. However, I fell only once, avoided falling in the water and was rewarded with an inspiring collection of nautical images.
I looked for interesting reflections because the cloudy day produced the right conditions to photograph water.
I also looked for interesting lines....
and shapes. I wouldn't have thought I would find so many interesting circular shapes.
I am starting to think about a nautical/sea series of work because Articulation's next study retreat is to the Canadian Maritimes on the east coast where we will focus on the shoreline. I was born on a Pacific island and I am familiar with that ocean so I am looking forward to getting to know the Atlantic Ocean.

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