Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wolfville, Nova Scotia

One of our stops, while travelling through Nova Scotia, was Wolfville, which has just applied to Italy to become the second 'slow' city in North America (the first was Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island). And what an impressive place it is with its mix of a long history of European settlement, unique marine geography, a magnet for world music, significant centre for biological research...and the list goes on. One of Canada's oldest universities, Acadia University, is located in the small city. Students double the size of the city during the academic year.

Harriet Irving donated lots of money to build a spectacular research greenhouse and gardens. The milder climate (by Canadian standards) has meant they could put in plantings to represent many different bio ecosystems, which can all be accessed by paths and trails.

'Face In Nature`by Judith Leidell
Throughout the walks art has been placed as part of the Uncommon Common Art community project put together by the Alliance of Kings Artists

`The face, decomposing in nature, can be given renewed life if visitors place found natural objects at the base of the tree.``
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