Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Signs of Fall in the Maritimes

While we were stopped for gas I came across more signs of fall activities in the Maritimes .
There must have been a lot of people making pumpkin pies because this large bin was nearly empty.

The bags of deer bait were outside while other hunting supplies were stacked on the shelves inside the gas station store.

So many different types of apples were being sold from so many roadside stalls in the Annapolis Valley  we were really getting to know the different varieties. But this garage had bags of them just for the deer.

And this is an example of one stop shopping for the hunter in his big pick up.
It was one of those gloriously warm fall afternoons when we stopped so we decided we would have an ice cream. It was good timing because the owner wanted to finish the last tubs of icecream for the year so our 'single' cones were so large and top heavy they needed two hands to lick them.
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