Monday, February 15, 2010

Knitting and the Olympics

What a great combination. With all of the Olympic coverage on TV, I have been doing a lot of knitting. I just finished a pair of mittens from a kit a friend brought back for me after her summer trip through Nova Scotia a few summers ago.

The simple slip stitch pattern is easy to do while watching the screen so I started another pair using wool from New Zealand this time - a soft 10 ply fine merino with an variegated 8 ply wool. The colours are in short lengths so when used to make large textile pieces as for a sweater the colours look spotty. But the short lengths of colour are ideal for slip stitch patterns.

This winter I have been wearing these fingerless gloves. Yes, the winters are that mild here in Victoria. I bought them in 'Hands of the World', a very interesting store in Pike Place Market in Seattle. The owner, Cynthia Hope, has a great eye for quality hand made items that she sources from all over the world.
When visiting Seattle I got a bit caught out with the cold windy weather and having not brought a warm enough jacket with me. So I bought the mittens and a bright red Indian silk scarf in the store and they kept me warm during our days in Seattle.
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