Saturday, February 13, 2010

Maltwood Exhibition - Not!

Here are some drawings in my sketchbook from the time Articulation did a study of the forest ecosystems on Vancouver Island.

We were all very excited about getting a booking in the University of Victoria's Maltwood Gallery for our work that resulted from our studies.
The exhibition was booked for April 2010. We were all working feverishly in our studios across the country to produce a body of work we have called 'Standing Relations' when....

...we got dumped!!! 2 months out from the exhibition date. The reason given for the cancellation was the building is to have seismic upgrading work done on it during the time of our booked exhibition.
We have been told to contact the gallery in 6 months. That's it. No suggestions or help finding an alternative space. As you can imagine, we were all shocked because we were all so into producing the work. Once we got over the shock, most of us felt as though we had lost our momentum to keep going to finish the works. I know my large work stopped dead. Remember, I was making regular posts on its progress.
But now our next booked exhibition is fast approaching, the Canadian Quilt Association's biennial conference, to be held in Calgary this year, at the end of April beginning of May. I may just get back into working on my 'Standing Relations' work. Will keep you posted.
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