Monday, February 1, 2010

My Studio

This is a view of my studio. The 2 left hand tables hold my machines. The middle table is where I work things out and the right hand table you can just see the corner of, is my cutting table. The windows face south and provide lots of light during overcast winter days. It could be a bit bright in the summer months so I have blinds to install.

In the centre of the room are 3 tables that I stand up to work at. Underneath I store stuff in carts on wheels so I can wheel them out to the area where I am working. The far right hand wall holds basic fabrics, papers for design work and lots of collections of things: tools, glues, buttons. The wall behind is my design wall.

This is how I organise backup material for each project I am working on. The bottom half of shelves holds collected material to file in my reference library. I generally file only once I can't fit anything more onto the shelf.
So that's my new studio. I still have a few things to set up, like the blinds, a music system, the wet studio, pin boards but so far it is working very well. I have so much more room than in my previous space so I am finding I am able to work on more than one project at a time.
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