Saturday, February 20, 2010


Here are some close up images of the other half of the dip-tych. This part is called Regression. It just needs the finishing touches and it will be finished.

I am now in the process of hunting down a photographer to get professional quality images of the work I have done this past year. I am looking for an art photographer and I would prefer to use someone who has experience in photographing textiles. Textiles need to be skilfully captured to keep them looking textural and alive. They are quite different from other traditional art mediums such as watercolour on paper and oils on canvas when it comes to capturing images of them.

When I lived in Calgary John Dean photographed my work and did a wonderful job. He is a graduate of the Alberta College of Art + Design and photographs a lot of the instructors' work. He has a lot of experience with a full range of media. Now I am looking for a 'John Dean' in Victoria.

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