Thursday, April 29, 2010

Canada Quilt Conference

Articulation spent the first 2 days of this week installing an exhibition of their work as special guests at the Canadian Biennial Quilt Conference. Here we are with 3 vehicles well loaded with the work, easles and ladders and ready to go down town to the Calgary Telus Convention Centre.

Installing the work on curtain draped poles using fishing line was a challenge for some of our work but we ended up happy with the way every piece looked. Gloria Daly, Ingrid Lincoln, Wendy Klotz (up the ladder), Donna Clement.

When all of the work was hung and the labels were in place, we did our usual final activity where we walk through the whole exhibition stopping at each work while the artist talks about the work and we ask her questions. This serves as a practice for talking about our work and gives the others information about each of the works so they can then talk about the works with visitors.
Throughout the week we have a number of official artist talks scheduled and we will be giving talks to smaller groups whenever requested.
Vickie Newington, Gloria Daly, Ingrid Lincoln, Wendy Klotz.

A view of 2 out of 8 booths.
There will be at least 2 members in the exhibition during the hours the exhibition is open so we will be working in shifts the whole week.
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