Monday, April 5, 2010

Martha Cole and Dialogue

This weekend I went to see Martha Cole and her latest work at an open house in Gloria Daly's studio. Martha had taught a book making class there the previous week so we were able to look at the students books as well as Martha's books.
Martha is a world authority on paste paper and their use in book making.
The image shows her 2 of her latest experiments (in her hands and the purpley one on the wall). She is next going to work on  this stitch-paint technique at a much larger scale.
Her work is inspirational and she is a wonderful person.

There was much excitement at home this past week when a severe weather system blew across the west coast. Our trees were blown around and lost small branches but no damage done. I do enjoy a hearty storm.
After the storm I was delighted to see the contributions the trees had made to the dialogue I presently have set up.

There was lots of communication about the storm.

With the rain and warmer weather the grass is growing vigorously.
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