Sunday, June 13, 2010

Victoria College of Art

My big news is I have decided to go back teaching.
I have had a look around all of the schools in Victoria where art is taught and have settled on teaching at the Victoria College of Art.
The school is in this 100-year old building, originally an elementary school with a boys' entrance and a girls' entrance.

I will be setting up a Textile Arts programme and will begin with an intensive 6 week course on hand stitching. It is called Mark Making with Thread. Students will attend twice a week for 6 hours each day so they will be able to work in an atelier studio type of set up.

The last week will be for final critiques of work and the mounting of a public exhibition of their work. It is all very exciting and I'm so looking forward to teaching the course in November. In the meantime, I have to get my dissertation written for my own BA studies.

Each year the year-3s work together on a community/group project. The front doors of the school show the project last year's year-3 students worked on. It is made from painted and polished copper.
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