Saturday, July 31, 2010

Dissertation & Ladysmith Exhibition

This is what my dissertation looked like last week - all of my notes, scribbles and jotting down of ideas organised according to the dissertation outline, in my trusty Pendaflex. Since last week i have been writing a chapter a day, planning to get the first draft complete by next week.

This dissertation is to be fully illustrated so i have been putting a lot of thought into the whole look of these illustrations and how i will make them.
I have been looking closely at the flowers on the afternoon tea cloths i am writing about. I went out to the garden to get images of the flowers that are on the tea cloths.

After picking some samples i pressed a few of the flatter ones and covered the rest in silica gel to dry them out.

I have spent the past 2 days in Ladysmith where I have been involved in hanging the first exhibition of work by the newly formed Vancouver Island sub-chapter of the Vancouver Surface Design Association. I was so busy with getting the work up and looking good, i forgot to take photographs - both days!
I'll do better at the opening on the 7th August - 5 to 8 pm if any of you can come.
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