Monday, August 30, 2010

Narrative Articulations

The morning of the hanging began with looking at each of the spaces we had to hang work in the college then unwrapping the works and putting them in the rooms where they would would be hung.

The work was grouped into 5 bodies of work: Badlands - Dinosaur provincial park, Alberta, Frobisher - ice and northern lights and the Canadian opera 'Frobisher', Winnipeg - architecture in downtown Winnipeg, Rain Forest - forest ecosystems on Vancouver Island, LINKS - small work inspired by 3 words we each gave each other, a colour, a material and an inspiration.
We also had 2 works from our next body of work - Farm - a study of the Saskatchewan prairies and farm life.
The 3 Articulation members had their wonderful husbands to help with the hanging.

Barbara McCaffrey, the Textile Arts member of the College Advisory Committee and Professor Peter Such, President of the college, worked together with Nancy Ruffolo, Vice President, to produce a catalogue for the exhibition. Barbara also produced all of the labels for the 60 works.

Derek and Wendy during our welcome coffee break mid-afternoon.
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