Friday, September 10, 2010

Take Down

After a most successful 2 week exhibition in the Victoria College of Art, we took the work down, re wrapped it and took it home.

The classroom was turned back into a painting room.
Today Donna and I re wrapped work securely and took them to the post office to return to their owners.
The washing machine is still going cleaning all of the white sheets we used to lay work on while planning the hanging and the black drape cloths have all been washed. So all that is left for me to do is to put away my own work.

The President estimates over 550 people came through the school to see the work. Many of those people were in the school for the first time so he is pleased with the way the exhibition pulled people in from the community. Some who live nearby have walked past the building for years and not ventured inside.
Some of the visitors commented that they used to go to the school and hadn't been inside for years. Several commented it looks much cleaner - a result of custodian, Keith's, loving care of the 100 year old building.
This broad exposure for textile art is one of Articulation's objectives so we are pleased with the event.
I am alos pleased the hand stitching course i am offering in November is full and has a waiting list. The January course is already a third full.
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