Monday, November 8, 2010

Final Studio Preparations

On Saturday Ryan was hired to do some of the remaining jobs to get the studio ready before the course started on Monday.
He sanded and scraped 3 large tables that were covered in cement blobs, plaster splatter and an assortment of other lumpy stuff. He then painted the tables and converted them to work tables where we can do dying, painting, collaging .....
He stayed late to paint the vestibule area.

On Sunday Ryan was there again to move the furniture into the studio. I think he went home.

He brought his friend Joel in to help. Between them they had all of the furniture in place, cork board bolted in place and shelving moved in no time. Then they moved up stairs to work on the Animation studio which is also under renovation.

Meanwhile, Ron and I continued cleaning furniture, polishing glass table tops and putting equipment in place.
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