Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Flowers on the Coast

This is my view outside my studio this month. Last fall I pulled some boring bushy type plants out of the bed and buried over 200 bulbs.

Each morning I go to my studio I see more colour. The hyacinths are the first to show.

I thought I had done my research and planted only those the deer don't like to eat. But it has been such a long cold winter I think the deer have forgotten they don't like irises.

The spring rains are keeping the bulbs growing and the new plants in the herb garden are settling in well. I don't have much time to enjoy the new spring growth yet because I am focused on finishing up a module of work for my BA(Hons) studies. The package is due in the UK next week. There is still so much I could do but come the deadline it all goes in a box.
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