Monday, June 13, 2011

India Flint @ SDA Conference

Another 'favourite' exhibition at the SDA conference is India Flint's 'the WindFallMaps' exhibit in the Katherine E. Nash Gallery

Each garment has been printed and dyed with plant materials and metals found in a specific place.

So each is like a map or visual record of a place and time.

Floating garments are hung with hems at viewers' eye level so we felt dwarfed by evidence of places the garments came from. It was all quite ethereal.
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Arija said...

The three detail photos you have taken speak volumes about the depth and intensity of India's work and equally, about the same intensity of seeing on a soul level of the eye behind the lens.
I have never before seen such sensitivity of understanding and vision.
Thank you for this treat. I thought I knew India's work pretty well but you have cast a new light on it with these intense landscapes you have opened for us.

Wen Redmond said...

Very clear post. India is a messenger. I posted
About her my blog as well.