Saturday, January 28, 2012

VCA Textile Students Dyeing

The students have dyed their fabrics a 2nd time, adding complementary colours to their analogous palettes.
Esther's 1st dye layer is shown at the bottom with over dyeing shown on top.

Esther also dyed matching threads

Laura's 1st layer of dyes
She found linen dyed the darkest.

Pat is working with the same palette as Laura but their individual folding of the fabrics have produced different marks.

Wylie began with a lower intensity Paulette, the light blue fabric on the left.
With the 2nd layer she built up a lot of luscious  greys. 

The cloths were folded 6 different ways to give distinctive marks.
The same folds were repeated  with the 2nd dyeing.
This is Sarah's 1st layer of dye.
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