Monday, April 30, 2012


During breaks from stitching I wander outside.
Hyacinths (spelling?) break through coffee filter mulch in the cut flower bed. 

This beauty appeared in the forest. 

According to Pojar and MacKinnon, the plant bible on the west coast, it is a red flowering currant, a "harbinger of spring and hummingbirds."

In the bog area that looked like this 6 months ago after my sister cleared out a tangled mass of  20 foot long blackberry canes.... now looks like this.

The big plants are skunk cabbage or swamp lantern, traditionally 'famine food' if the salmon were late arriving in the spring - according to Pojar and MacKinnon.
I haven't walked around this area much yet because I don't want to disturb the myriad of other plants just breaking the soil surface.
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