Monday, April 16, 2012

Weather Challenges During Winter

Over winter there were a number of challenges I had to respond to.
A wet, heavy snow accumulation broke the string and the 2nd Cedar cloth fell down.
The lace insert  in the top of the Maple cloth was decaying and tore on a snag.
During a wind storm my husband and I watched the Douglas-fir cloth flapping wildly. My husband is a sailor and said, 'Now there's a sail maker's friend.' During a lull in the wind I raced out and cut the cloth off the tree.
Now 3 cloths were inside for their own survival. 

During another wind storm a tree was blown down.  One of its roots flew up in the air and pinned the Arbutus cloth against the tree. 

Luckily, my sailor is also a lumberjack and he was able to rescue the cloth once the storm had passed.

Thankfully, no damage was done.
But the winter was hard on the cloths.
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