Saturday, May 26, 2012

Current Threads III: Re-Surfacing

I was very pleased with the installation of my 'Women's Work' in the Slide Gallery at VISA.
The freshly-painted, white, wood walls accentuated the composted table cloth's colour.
The symmetry of the window frame complemented the symmetry of the table setting.
Traditional 'women's work' placed inside contrasted with the contemporary, public graffiti outside the window.
When this work was shown in the Whyte Museum, Banff, I had it set as an afternoon tea table. For this installation I set it as a family dinner table and I think it works much better this way.  

Here are some general shots of the gallery

I do hope you can get to the gallery to see the works before it closes at 5:00pm on May 28th.
It is a showcase of the most recent work of some of the islands' Surface Design Assoc members.
Annual survey shows such as this continue to demonstrate the wide scope of the textile/fibre arts.
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