Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tree Cutting and Pruning

The other week Devin arrived to cut down 2 trees with root rot. 

I spent most of the morning watching him cut down the 1st tree.
He climbed up the tree with a chain saw, engine on, hanging from his waist belt...

...and cut off branches as he climbed up. 

He cut off the top section...

...then worked his way back down the tree cutting off the trunk in sections.

I had been worried about the whole tree being cut and falling on my new garden. I had no idea this is how a tree is cut down.

Devin then shredded all of the branches so we have a pile of mulch for the gardens.
Next we have to get in a splitter to spilt the log sections so they will dry and be ready for our fireplace in a couple of years.
It was a most interesting day.
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