Tuesday, January 22, 2013

World of Threads Festival Exhibitions

Ingrid Lincoln also had work in the De rerum natura exhibition.

Either/Or, machine stitched cotton and batik fabric.

Danger Water Rising, machine stitch and applique on cotton and silk.

While the De rerum natura exhibition celebrated life, the Memento mori  exhibition 'dealt with the themes of death, mortality and grief and the quest for immortality.' The curator Gareth Bate's selection focused on works using established fibre techniques but non-fibre materials.

 Megan Bostic The First Year of Grief: everyday never feels like the yesterday I need it to.
Silk organza, powdered drink mix, tea, and waxed linen thread were hand stitched then covered in wax.
Susan Lukachko, Splinter
From what I could see, Susan painted a canvas with oil paints, interfaced the canvas, cut it up then sewed it back together again like patchwork.
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