Friday, November 1, 2013

Studio Reorganisation

Over the summer I have been reorganising my work space.
My husband noticed most of the times when he visited me in my studio I was sitting at the desk with the computer. Computer tasks seemed to take priority over making work.
Husband suggested I move my computer activity outside the studio to a corner desk area we had set up for guests to use.
I thought that was an excellent idea.
My computer is now installed in its new location and I am putting up cork tiles for a pin board.

I'm not sure what I do will do at the old computer desk in my studio work room.
I'll see what happens in this space.

Since I was moving things I decided to set up my wet studio to make it more workable.
 So out came all of the stuff.

My wet studio is the bathroom off the bedroom that is my work studio.
Next step was to plan the most efficient use of this space.
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