Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Christmas Knitting

Towards the  end of last year I got the urge to knit.
It may have been prompted by my daughter's request for thigh-highs.

After they were finished and I looked for something else to knit. 
With Christmas approaching I ambitiously decided to make something for each person's Christmas stocking.

Elizabeth got some leg warmers using one of my first efforts at dyeing wool, from many years ago.
I finished these on our 2 day road trip to Edmonton for the family Christmas.

Also on the road trip I knit this scarf for son-in-law, Sebastian.
He pulled it out of his stocking Christmas morning with the needles still attached.
Before I finished it I needed to know how long he wanted it to be.
Here it is on the wall washed and blocked.
Look at all of those ends to darn in. I need a good TV movie to watch while darning.

Sebastian is a scientist so his scarf is striped in a Fibonacci sequence.


Margaret said...

Ambitious, indeed! :-) But fun, eh? And I confess, I don't envy you those ends...

Lesley Turner said...

Have you come across a way to knit a striped scarf without ends to weave in?