Friday, January 17, 2014

New Articulation Work

Then I cut the strips again ...

... joined them then cut them into 6 panels.

I want to show what we all see when we fly over the prairies late summer.
Well this is what I see - you know I`m the one with the blind up while you are trying to go to sleep.

I cut and joined each panel once more, to add the survey lines the roads generally follow.
I`m calling this series `Section, Township, Range` the names of different surveyed blocks of land.
All Articulation members are making the same sized  panels. These panels will be hung close together to make a patchwork of the patterns found on the prairies. Each time the work is hung the panels will be in a different order so the work will look different in each gallery.
It is going to be an interesting series of exhibitions.


Margaret said...

a) I sure hope this exhibit comes somewhere I can see it!
b) As a long-time knitter (over 50 years), I love this knitted work!
c) Do you worry about ravelled edges as you are cutting/attaching?

Lesley Turner said...

a) I'll let you know on this blog once the galleries are booked.
b)Me too! I am finding knitting is often a strong technique to use to get an idea across.
c) I use the Scandinavian method of sewing then cutting and use the serger on some edges.
Thanks for the comments.

Judy Martin said...

I love this.