Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Carole Sabiston 'Everything Below All of the Above'

There are 2 galleries full of Carole's work.
This one gave me a start because I used the same PK Page poem in my degree studies. 

'Planet Earth:after PK Page' 2013
It was so interesting to see how Carole worked with the same words.

'Connecting Threads: Arc of Carol Shields' 2013
This is a tribute to her friend, Carol Shields, the Noble prize winning writer of short stories.
This image doesn't do justice to the complexity of the silk layers.

3 friend, Esther, Kati, Sarah, all artists, enjoying looking through the large 'Touch Book.'
It is a large exhibition with lots to see, so I have visited twice so far and may go again.


Judy Martin said...

Planet Earth is one of my favourite poems.

It must be wonderful to be able to walk around through so much of Carole Sabiston's work - an important Canadian textile artist.

Lesley Turner said...

Yes, it is and we are fortunate here in Victoria to have so many of her works installed in public places - see Kate Cino's site