Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Composting Up Close ....

We make compost in wire sleeves held together with twist ties - real simple

But in our winter-wet climate the pile gets a little too wet.
I need to make some winter hats for the piles.

We took 1 pile apart to feed the camellia at the front door.
 It is having a rough time this winter. With the 1st lot of heavy wet snow it had fallen over.

Luckily there is a sailor in the house who knows knots.
I think it is the engineer who added the containers full of water as a counterweight.

Its not pretty at the front door but it appears to be working.

The camellia needed compost & mulch because it has woken up already and is working on its flowers.
Once it has finished blooming we can prune it back so it can stand up on its own again.


Laura said...

Lovely to see you nurturing your camelia. Sometimes these plants do get a little confused about when it's time to bloom!

MQG said...
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Nicole said...

I have an extra camellia which needs digging out if you want it...

Lesley Turner said...

Thanks for the offer Nicole but we are working on saving the one we have